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Kid Coaching and Mentoring


Hey kids, Coach Ms. Mandy here!


Have you ever felt down in the dumps, like you can’t do anything right or like nothing seems to go your way? Or maybe you feel sad, embarrassed, or scared to try new things? Do you ever compare yourself to your friends, wishing things could be better?

I know life can be challenging at times but that’s where I can help you! I am a kid’s life coach which is a lot like a sports coach but I can show you how to turn that frown upside down and feel happy from the inside out! You are starting on the greatest adventure ever! It’s the journey of YOUR life!


I can show you how to create a life of your dreams with adventure, excitement, happiness, friends and family by choosing what you want! That’s right! You get to choose! You get to decide what type of life you want. It’s up to YOU and YOU are in charge! Your the boss applesauce of what you think, how you feel, and how you act! So are you ready to learn some cool new tricks? So let's get started! 


  • My favorite color is BLUE


  • I LOVE trees!!!!


  • I’ve swam with a sea turtle in the wild


  • I love to work in my yard!


  • I have my sailing license and have sailed from the state of Florida to the Abaco's Islands… twice!


  • I’m a great cook!


  • I’ve accidently caught a shark on my fishing pole! YIKES!!!


  • When I was little I had a money tree that grew real money on it in my back yard! (Thanks to my Dad!)


  • I have two silly dogs, River &Chloe.


  • I have my motorcycle license

  • My favorite snack is sliced up frozen bananas! YUMMY! (If you haven’t tried it before, you really should!)


  • I love to meet new friends and help people!


  • Summer is my favorite season because sunshine and warm weather always makes me happy


  • I’ve held a humming bird and feed it nectar from my flowers


  • I love to travel


  • I once lived on a ranch and had horse named Star


  • I’ve flown an airplane

Wenatchee, WA 98801​

Tel: (509) 885 0108

Meet Your Coach!

Amanda Burgess, (Coach Ms. Mandy) is a certified WISDOM Coach; part of a community of coaches world-wide, that use stories to coach kids.

  Amanda has a strong foundation with over 25 years of teaching experience. Her gift for teaching and exciting children is renowned through-out the Wenatchee Valley and beyond. She has a variety of training in her background and utilizes every available positive avenue for increasing her student’s educational experience and joy.

Amanda also is the creator and owner to a highly interactive dramatic arts class for children (ages 4-6) called, The Imagination Workshop that provides children with the opportunity to engage in role playing activities. Each week she takes children on fun adventures to fascinating destinations where children use their imagination to act and explore.

“I’m very passionate when it comes to helping children create a positive and powerful vision of their lives. I feel it’s more important than ever for kids to have a solid, strong mindset, and that they’re ready to take on the world! It is my goal to support children and their families in a way that will empower every child to see their full potential, their inner-greatness, and to help them achieve their goals with confidence.” Ms. Mandy



Adventures in Wisdom is a worldwide company bringing personal development and life coaching to kids since 2012 with well over 100 certified coaches in 30+ countries. WISDOM Coaches are transforming the lives of children around the world with a fun and engaging curriculum. This wonderful program uses stories and activities to teach mindset skills in a way that kids understand them. In the stories, kids hear about real-life problems that they might experience: earning a bad grade, getting in trouble at school, not being invited to a birthday party, being teased by other kids, or dealing with peer pressure. Stories are a great tool for starting important conversations with kids without putting them on the spot or embarrassing them. It also enable children to “learn without lecture” and that opens the door for them to apply the skills to their own situations, under a coach and parental guidance.

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