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Kid Coaching and Mentoring


2019-2020 Homeschooling & After School Girl and Boy Group Coaching

Greeting from Coach Ms. Mandy!


Would you like to give your child the opportunity this school year to explore new possibilities for their life? Make new friendships?  Develop strong self-esteem and powerful self-confidence from the inside out? Learn how to overcome fear and failure so nothing can hold them back?  


I am happy to announce my 2019-2020 Homeschooling & After School Girl and Boy Group Coaching! 


Once a week I will be teaming up with a group of girls and a group of boys and taking them throughout my whole program. All 27 different life skills!

I will be working in partnership with your children through a thought-provoking and creative process, to learn critical life skills for developing strong self-esteem, powerful self-confidence, overcoming challenges such as fear, self-doubt and disappointment. They learn to cope with change and how to manage mistakes, failures and peer pressure. I cultivate the skills of mindfulness where kids can develop an awareness of themselves and others to build positive relationships and an understanding of our impact on others.

This is not your typical, "how to" get your kids to behave training; it is all about teaching kids how to be self-leaders in their lives so they can create a happy, fulfilling life regardless of their circumstances. I work with kids to instill new thought patterns and positive mindsets, based on proven successful models.

All sessions are designed to empower kids and help them see their strengths while having FUN! With each session I have projects and group activities planned while making learning exciting! These sessions develop self-leadership character building benefits. I love giving kids the opportunity to discover their inner strengths with no pressure and an independent chance to succeed.   

 I use stories, workbooks, group activities, crafts & group discussions to develop supportive belief systems, positive self-talk & growth mindset challenges. Along with some really fun activities!!!! I can’t wait!


1710 Easy Street

Wenatchee, WA 98801

All session takes place at my home which is a safe relaxed environment.




Girls Homeschooler Group 10:00am-11:30am

Girls After School Group 4:00pm- 5:30pm

Starting Sep.17th 2019 through May 26th, 2020


Boys Homeschooler Group 10:00am-11:30am

Boys After School Group 4:00pm- 5:30pm

Starting Sep.18th, 2019 through May 27th, 2020



9-12 All children mature uniquely and at their own pace, I am open to discussing the opportunity of your child’s enrollment if they are younger or older than the age indicated.

Price & Payment Due Date:

$30 per session

Payment is due in full on the first day of each package
Mind Power 5 sessions, $150 payment due Sep.24th & 25th

Inner Power 6 sessions, $180 payment due Oct. 29th &30th

Me Power 5 sessions, $150 payment due Jan. 7th & 8th

Slaying Dragons 5 sessions, $150 payment due Feb. 25th & 26th

Dream Power 6 sessions, $180 payment due April14th & 15th



Methods of Payment

Please make checks payable to: Solutions

Checks or cash are accepted.




For any of my past or current clients, you receive 10% discount off any sessions your child has completed previously. Repetition is the key to learning - especially when dealing with human behavior. It is important that your children practice to develop a habit of personal effectiveness.


Cancellations, Refunds, & Late Pick-Up Fee

If I am forced to cancel a session or session you will receive a full refund. I am not responsible for issuing refunds to participants who have missed a session due to illness, vacation, or any other reason beyond my control.

A late pick-up charge of $1.00 per minute per child will be charged to parents arriving more than 5 minutes after the scheduled session time. But I know I will never have this problem because I work with the BEST parents EVER!!! :D

Wenatchee, WA 98801​

Tel: (509) 885 0108