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About Coaching Sessions

Currently I am offering individual sessions at this time. 

Individual sessions are private, confidential and catered to suit your child’s individual needs while supporting positive mindset development.

Group workshops are a maximum of 6 children. Being a part of a group can make it easier for some children to open up. Children can experience emotional support, understanding, and encouragement from one another. Group sessions are also more cost friendly.

My coaching sessions provide a safe environment, built on trust and respectful interaction to help your child connect with their inner voice, reframe their challenges, and move forward in a way that is in alignment with their true nature.


Individual Session are $40.00 per session and held once a week for1hour duration.

Group Session are $30.00 per session and held once a week for1.5 hours duration.



Coaching Packages

Mindfulness Package   

Total of 5 Sessions 

"Failure is an event-not who we are.

We Learn from our Successes, we learn from our failures"

In this unit children/young people learn that they can improve intelligence, ability, and performance.  They learn how to program their minds for success and to use the power of their mind to cultivate a growth mindset, rather than operating from a fixed mindset.


*Our Mind - Conscious and *Subconscious

*Belief Systems and the Comfort *Zone

*Building Neural Pathways

*Your Reticular Activating System

*Power Shifting

​ It's Great To Be Me Package 

Total of 5 Sessions 

"High self-esteem comes from within, not from without.....No one can give it to you."

In this unit, children/young people will learn how to honor their uniqueness and the uniqueness of others, so they can feel good about themselves no matter who they are with or what they have accomplished. It’s all about teaching kids to develop strong self-esteem and self-confidence from the inside out.

*Developing Soaring Self-esteem

*Honoring Your Uniqueness

*Developing Self - Confidence

*Self-Talk mastering your inner-voice

*Self - Coaching

Inner Power Package  

Total of 6 Sessions 

"When you develop your inner Power, you become the captain of your own ship!"

In this unit children/young people will learn how to make good decisions, and how to stand up to peer pressure. They will learn how to be the leader of their own lives -take full responsibility, for their thoughts, feelings, words, actions, goals, and their dreams.

*The Power of Self-Responsibility

*Choosing Integrity

*Make Your Mark with Respect

*Make Your Mark with Self-respect

*How to Make Good Decisions

*Standing Up to Peer Pressure/Bulling

Creating Your Vision Package    

Total of 6 Sessions 

"Life is about Creating whom you want to be"

Having a vision gives children purpose and direction in their lives. Without a vision children  may drift through life without a direction-often allowing others determine their path.

This unit will support children/young people to create a vision for their lives

*Creating Your Vision

*Goal Setting

*Law of Attraction




Building Resilience and Grit Package  

Total of 5 Sessions 

"The more you slay dragons, the less often they will appear."

Fear, Failure Mistakes, and Change can hold children back, and create anxiety. In this unit children/young people learn to overcome negative thinking, fears and limiting beliefs, learning they can handle any obstacle that comes their way.

 *Overcoming Mistakes

 *Managing Fear

 *Moving Past Failure

 *Managing Change

 *Conditional thinking


Total of 8 Sessions 


​ Why are Kids Given Thousands of Tests in School…but Not Taught How to Take Them?

If you ask kids what they don’t like about school, you’ll often hear the same answer – tests!

Tests often cause anxiety and stress in kids….

If you want to give your kids an edge when it comes to studying and taking tests then this program is for you!

In this unit your kids are going to learn how to “ace that test” with the Adventures in Wisdom Success System for Learning and Taking Tests™

We use the acronym “A.C.E. I.T.” to help kids remember the 5 major lessons taught in the program.


Your child will learn how to develop powerful skills for creating a learning mindset, effective learning skills, learning to perform under pressure, and laying the foundation to become a lifelong learner so that they can thrive in school and in life!

Let’s look at each step in more detail…

A - Attitude!

A – The “A” in “A.C.E. I.T.” stands for attitude! It doesn’t matter how smart a child is, if they don't have a positive attitude about school and about grades then they won’t do well.


Children learn that attitude is more important than aptitude when it comes to learning and taking tests. Unfortunately, a positive attitude isn’t something we can give kids.


But what we can do is teach them about why it is important and inspire them to do their personal best no matter what challenge they face.






In this section, kids will learn:

-  Why attitude is the foundation for success in school – and in life

-  They learn about neuroplasticity ─ the brain science behind our ability to learn

-  How the 4 Truths of Learning and brain science enables everyone to develop intelligence

How to uncover their “Big Why”

In this section, kids will learn:

·  The power of belief systems and why they achieve what they believe (they can’t do well in school unless they believe they can do well in school)

·  How to recognize and shift negative beliefs

·  How to proactively develop empowering beliefs using self-talk and visualization

C- Create a Mindset for Success

Adventures In Wisdom programs focus on mindset development – teaching kids how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives.


At the heart of this is understanding the power of belief systems – how to shift negative beliefs and how to proactively create supportive beliefs.

 We’ll explore the power of positive self-talk, Positive self-talk is the secret behind strong self-confidence and positive self-esteem which directly impact success in school.

Third, I teach children the powerful skill of visualization.


Visualization is the process of imagining yourself in the future having already achieved your goal. Scientific research has proven that your mind cannot tell the difference between an experience you imagine and an experience that is real.


When you use visualization to practice success in your mind, you develop strong neural pathways to prepare your mind to succeed. Visualization is a very powerful skill for helping kids achieve in school.

E- Effective Learning Skills

90% of test success happens before kids sit down to take them.

 Learning to learn is a skill. In this section kids are introduced to learning styles and learning techniques that will help them better retain their lessons.

Kids will learn how to use different learning styles to stimulate multiple areas of their brain, enhance their learning with discovering their dominant learning style, and they will learn some very effective study techniques to support them in their learning.

Kids learn how to create an effective homework routine that optimizes their brain power. They learn why continuous studying is more effective than cramming (and the brain science behind it) and how multitasking impacts their brain, reduces learning, and increases the amount of time it takes to complete their homework.






In this section kids learn:

·  How to use multiple learning styles to enhance comprehension

·  The brain science behind short term and long-term memories and how to shift learning from their short-term memory into their long-term memory so that they can achieve deeper learning and recall the information later

·  Powerful learning tools such as mnemonics, mind mapping, and the Peg memory system to support them in learning more effectively and performing better on tests

·  How multitasking impacts their brain and reduces their ability to learn

I – Intention, Integrity, and Inner Calmness


In the “I” section, kids learn about three critical concepts that start with the letter “I” and shape their ability to perform well on tests: Intention, Integrity, and Inner Calmness.

 Everything starts with Intention! Unfortunately, kids often walk into a test thinking, “I hope I don’t fail” or “This is so hard”.


These thoughts don’t create A’s on tests. Instead they create fear and anxiety which can make it very difficult for kids to recall what they’ve learned. I help children learn how to use the power of intention to set their frame of mind before taking a test.

  When things aren’t going well during a test, kids often panic and are tempted to cheat. Kids learn about the importance of integrity, and why getting an F is better than cheating.

We learn about Inner Calmness and kids learn multiple calming strategies to help them stay focused during a test.

In this section kids learn:

·         How to set their intention before taking a test so their thoughts are working for them, not against them

·          Why integrity is critical to success in school and how failing a test is better than cheating

·          How they can calm themselves if fear and panic begin to creep in

T - Test Taking Strategies


Having a strategy for taking test will help kids have the best chance to recall what they have learned and to bring home a great grade.

 In this segment, kids will learn the “SMARTS” strategy for taking tests.


Kids will learn strategies they can use when they receive the test, while taking the test, and what to do if they get “stuck” or nervous while taking the test.

This section also shares tips on how to approach different types of test questions such as essay, multiple choice, true-false, and math questions.

This section is a lot of fun and will help kids increase their test scores – especially step T in the SMARTS strategy…but I’ll save that to unveil!

In this section kids learn:


- Programs based on The Adventures in Wisdom Success System for Learning and Taking Tests

- Create an attitude and a mindset for learning and success

- Develop effective learning skills so they can better recall what they study

- Take test with intention, integrity, and inner calmness

- Apply test taking strategies to increase their score

Coping Champions

Total of 5 Sessions


Today kids are facing some extremely stressful situations and could use some helpful coping skills! This 5-session package specifically focuses on learning these skills.

Dealing with stress, anxiety and anger are important skills to learn, but not all kids learn those strategies naturally. I will help teach your child how to calm down, balance their energy and emotions, and process challenging feelings. 


*Different types of coping skills for different places and for different stressors.


* Processing Coping Skills 


* Calming Coping Skills


* Distracting Coping Skills


* Physical Coping Skills

*  Programs based on The Adventures in Wisdom Success System for Learning and Taking Tests

*  Programs based on Adventures in Wisdom™

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