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 Kids Life Enrichment Coaching

Welcome to Solutions, a coaching program designed specifically for children ages 7-14.

Solutions is unique from all other kids coaching services offered. As a Wisdom coach I use stories to teach growth mind-set skills in a way that kids understand. I work in partnership with children through a thought-provoking and creative process, to learn critical life skills for developing strong self-esteem, powerful self-confidence, overcoming challenges such as fear, self-doubt and disappointment. They learn to cope with change and how to manage mistakes, failures and peer pressure. I teach specific skills sets in building emotional intelligence while cultivating the skills of mindfulness where your child will develop an awareness of themselves and others to build positive relationships and understanding our impact on others.

This is not your typical, "how to" get your kids to behave training; it is about teaching kids how to be self- leaders in their lives so they can create a happy, fulfilling life regardless of their circumstances.

I believe that all children should see their greatness, and have the opportunity to develop an empowering mindset. I provide powerful tools and educational services, for change. I can work with your child to instill new thought patterns and positive mindsets, based on proven successful models.

I like to think of it as personal development for kids.












The Growth Mindset

Growth mindset refers to a learning theory developed by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck in decades of research on achievement and success  through her groundbreaking study of mindsets found that children and young people are more likely to persist through challenges when they understand that intelligence is malleable, rather than a fixed trait.










 Children are often naturally mindful, particularly in their play; but as they start school and their lives become more rushed and structured they are less able to tune in to their senses, inner thoughts and emotions, this is heightened during  adolescence where they may deal with strong emotions, Practicing mindfulness can help kids learn to focus, manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop a positive outlook.

What Kids Learn…….

  • to recognize and shift limiting beliefs

  • to live a life with integrity

  • to treat others and themselves with respect

  • to think for themselves and make decisions

  • to stand up for peer pressure and bullies

  • to feel good about themselves even when things don’t go their way

  • to believe in themselves even after facing disappointment

  • to see that they can change a situation where they are unhappy

  • to create courage and self-confidence

  • to cope with stress in different ways

  • to create and sustain healthier relationships

  • to increase their motivation

  • to create a vision for the life they want to lead

  • to set goals to make their dreams a reality

  • to make positive changes in the way they act, think and feel

  • to take full control and responsibility for their own happiness

  • to be happier and more positive about life

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